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Available for Windows and macOS. Step 2: Launch Converter, Click the playlists category and select music you want to convert in the file list. So stop worrying about the DRM protection issue. Much More than an M4P Converter.

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It can convert almost all video formats, e. Easy M4P Converter is a solid solution to your Apple music conversion needs. ID Tags information such as artist, album, title, cover and genre will be preserved in M4A or MP3 output files after conversion. Just click the Settings icon to modify them according to your need.

Switch Audio File Converter Software

Now the audio is saved in MP3 format on your Mac. You can also transfer them to your iPhone or Android phone with the "Transfer" feature in this program. Using iTunes to convert music files to MP3 has various added advantages as well. When you open your file in iTunes and right click on the document you'll see a drop down menu. We have to change the inclinations first so we can make the MP3 option accessible there.

Going into the topmost menu - under the iTunes heading - there is a Preferences option, click that.

Converter video clips to audio mp3 on apple Mac

The Preferences box ought to fly up. With the Importing option chose you'll see you have an option that says "Import Using": trailed by a drop-down menu.

Part 2. Guide to Convert AIFF to MP3 on Mac with iTunes

Click on this case, and pick MP3 Encoder. For the setting dropdown box set it to "Good Quality". At that point hit OK. Automatically, the audio file will start its conversion process.

As the conversion process ends, the desired MP3 output format will be stored in iTunes and you can now enjoy your favorite music in iTunes Media player. Users of Windows 7, 8, 10 or more ought to use Windows Media Player Microsoft requires particular programming called codecs to make and play back many record sorts, for example, the Apple AAC organize. Music Converter lets you quickly and simply convert a music or sound file to all popular formats. The app provides full iTunes integration and lets you edit the album, artist and track information.

The app clearly presents the album, artist and track information for ease of editing.

You can instantly view the audio properties of the track, and you can even play the track, in full, from within Music Converter. Editing track information is a breeze simply click the album, artist or track name to edit and save. The edited information is passed to iTunes during conversion. Discover New Mac Apps.

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Free audio converter for macOS and Windows

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